Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Belly Fat in Women

There are various reasons for belly fat in women. Belly fat is the body's visceral fat which is situated in the peritoneal cavity in between the internal organs. This fat has severe side effects on human health. Most of the women feel uncomfortable in carrying abdominal fat. They try all the possible things to make it flat and to stay fit. Few of them succeed with it as they have proper knowledge while there are some of them who fail in achieving flat stomach because of wrong knowledge.

It is possible to lose and keep off that newly formed belly fat, but like everything else in life it does require some work, in this case exercise and diet control.

Belly fat is caused due to many reasons in men and women. Excessive stomach fat can cause various diseases that can lead to death. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, high blood pressure and many other diseases are caused due to belly fat. So, to avoid all these diseases, it is necessary to treat the abdominal fat as early as possible.

Reasons for Belly Fat in Women

Aging Various changes occur in women as they age. As women get older, the production of hormone named Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) reduces. Various researches say that the decline in this hormone results in increasing stomach fat. So, aging can also lead to visceral fat deposits in women.

Menopause In women, menopause is the most critical time in their life. Various hormonal changes occur due to menopause, which can lead to health issues too. Post menopause, the fat starts depositing in various parts of the body and the main target is the tummy area. So, it is advisable to consult a doctor after menopause to avoid increase in belly area and other health problems. So, you need to take care of your diet and follow regular exercise to avoid belly fat after menopause.

Improper Digestion Improper digestion is caused due to various reasons like stress and improper eating habits. Stress may lead to various gastrointestinal problems like gasses and improper bowel movements which can lead to constipation too. An improper digestion may lead to visceral fat deposits and which will result in fat deposits near the stomach area.

Imbalanced Hormones Imbalanced hormones play an important role in deciding the amount of belly fat deposits around the belly area. Cortisol hormone is the leading hormone that plays a major role in this case. Cortisol is known as the fat storer. In today's world, most of the women live a stressful life as they have a tight schedule. Due to this stress, their body releases higher amount of cortisol hormones which then leads to tummy fat in women.

Wrong Foods Wrong foods like greasy and processed foods cause body to release hormone insulin in high amounts. Insulin is also one of the fat-storing hormones. The increase in insulin in body leads to fat burning hormone, glucagon to turn off. This causes belly fat deposits and weight gain.

Slow MetabolismThe metabolism rate decreases as you age. As the metabolism rate decreases, the body does not burn the calories as fast as it used to do when you were young. A slow metabolism, thus leads to fat deposits mainly around the tummy portion.

Alcohol Consumption Women, who are addicted to alcohol, suffer from belly fat. Consuming alcohol is not bad for health, but it has to be limited. Those who are addicted to alcohol should strictly lower its intake and follow exercise regularly to avoid it turning into bulging belly.
These are the reasons for belly fat in women which may cause serious health problems. Drink plenty of water and follow a low calorie diet to maintain your body in proper shape.

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